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Brian Vaeth for Mayor for Baltimore
PO Box 253
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
We requested the authorization to approach the Grand Jury to present allegations of corruption against City officials on Sept. 20, 2013. As of this date, we are being denied access. Click on the video to check it all out.
It's all about commonsense. This message carries over from debate to debate and in all events Brian is invited to speak at, the message resonates with voters.
Our first publication is the campaign's Press Kit. It is what we will use to introduce the campaign to members of the media.
The Problem
Baltimore has long been known for corruption. Criminal misconduct by elected officials is a recurring issue and the citizens, as well as municipal employees, deserve and expect City officials to act in the public’s best interest. Yet contrary to this, we have been subjected to one story after another about corrupt officials using positions of influence to benefit only themselves, while effectively diminishing the hard work of the people and the municipal employees that make substantial contributions to the public health and welfare of the City. There have been countless allegations of this sort of conduct being demonstrated in the media, on postings on the internet, and complaints filed before agencies charged with investigating them, yet these occurrences rarely get the level of attention that is required to uncover the criminal conduct involved.

What's the Solution?

There is a culture of corruption that trumps the rights of the citizen in Baltimore and as a result it has shaken the public’s trust in our government officials. The multitude of alleged known and unknown fraudulent schemes and the active participation by elected officials of Baltimore City, their appointed officials, attorneys, union representatives, and agents, in furtherance of their scheme to defraud the people of Maryland, demands that action be taken and be taken swiftly. If not, it only causes their scheme of fraud to be further perpetrated on the citizens of the City of Baltimore and the United States of America of millions of dollars every year.

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